Mommy Views: The Single Mom

This interview makes me appreciate single Moms even more! They are strong women that work hard to perform the duties of both parents. Good job Ladies!!

1. Were you ever married?

I was married for almost 2 years.

2. How long have you been single?

I have been divorced/single for almost 5 years.

3. Is the father of your child involved?

The father of my child is not really involved. He feels that because the court ordered him to pay child support and that he pays it that he pretty much is a good dad. He will keep her one or maybe two days a month and feels that is sufficient. When he does have her he will call me before time for her to come home to see when I want him to bring her home. (He is hoping that I say go ahead and bring her home.) He also does not help or volunteer at any school functions.

 4. How does that affect your child?

My daughter is a sweetheart and doesn’t really notice that her dad doesn’t see her much. She loves being with me so much it kind of overshadows him not seeing her.

5. Do you have family close that helps?

I have a great family unit including my own and my ex’s in-laws. They asked if they could trade their son in for me because they like me better…. lol But in all seriousness my family and my ex’s parents are always willing to help out.

6. Does your child comment on not living with both parents?

 I don’t think my daughter really catches what a “family” is, like a mom, father and child. She knows that her dad and I were married and that I had her and lived at her daddy’s house at one time, but she hasn’t questioned me on why we don’t still live together …yet!

7. Does your child ever mention that their friends have two parents living in their house and she wants the same thing?

She has not talked about her friends and their living situations.

8. Do you feel like it’s harder to meet someone because you’re single mom or because you don’t have the time? Do you feel like men have a hard time dating a women that have children?

I think that it is hard to meet someone not only because they don’t want to date a woman with children, but that it is hard to even get out and meet people when you have a child. My biggest reason for not dating is that I am wary of a stranger being around my daughter, when is it too soon to introduce my daughter to my  “boyfriend” and it is hard for me to trust a man around my daughter. I hear too many horrible news stories and I am a worst case scenario thinking kind of girl.

 9. Are you comfortable being single or do you want to be in a relationship?

I like being single because I don’t have to answer to anyone and I can devote all my time to my daughter, but then again it is nice to have a support system of being in a relationship. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that with my marriage. I had to do everything on my own. I felt like I was a single mom even when I was married. I don’t remember my ex getting up at night once to feed or change our daughter while we were married.

10. What is the hardest thing about being a single mom that you want others to know?

I don’t think that being divorced and having a child means that your life is over. I am very fortunate to have good friends and family. I always thought I would never get to sleep in again, never get to go out, never have time to myself. But now that my daughter is older and I have people to help me that I know and trust I am able to do all of those things. Life is not over when you have a child or have to pretty much raise a child on your own.

Holley is a 34-year-old single mom. Her beautiful daughter is five years old, going on 25. Holley is smart, funny, and a little sarcastic 😉 They live in Homewood with their new kitten Tyler.


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