Miles Turns One!

Miles, you entered this world one year ago at 2:12p.m.

One year ago I was reminded that my heart could hold unmeasurable amounts of love. I looked into your eyes and held you close. You were perfect. Clubfeet and all!


Your sweet smile is contagious. Just a few days ago you and I picked up lunch and  I expected it to be a quick trip. We ended up staying in the restaurant for 15 minutes. Not because they took a long time to complete our order, it was because all of the employees had to come over and check out the sweet baby that was smiling and waving at everyone. You had the entire staff circled around you.

Last weekend we went out to do some Christmas shopping and the same thing happened. A few of the employees came over and started talking to you. I had to break away just to get some shopping done.  They would’ve talked and played with you for hours!

You’ve only been in this world for one year and you’ve already shown everyone that you are a tough boy. You went through many castings to correct your Clubfeet. You didn’t even cry during the last few weeks of cast changes, because you were so used to it. You had surgery when you were just 3 months old and you took it like a champ!

You are so loving, happy, and content. You love your older brothers, baths, and cheerios. You enjoy playing at your learning table and you really like jumping around and swinging in your jumper.

You are a Mama’s boy for right now. You will sit in the floor and play with your toys all day when you are with Daddy, but as soon as you see me you take off crawling right to me and I don’t mind it one bit. I just smile and pick you up every time.

When your Daddy or I come into your room to get you in the mornings or after your naps, you are usually standing up waiting on us to come in. You hold onto the crib rails, open your eyes really wide and grin from ear-to-ear. You give me a big squeeze when I pick you up and I squeeze you right back.

20131201_181928Your brothers adore you. Just last night we were all playing in the floor and Lewis said, “I don’t want Miles to grow up.” I told him I feel that way about all of you.

You laugh at Ian all the time. He knows exactly what to do to make you laugh really hard. Winston always sneaks you food. You’ve already tasted M&Ms, Oreos, and Pizza. All three of them sing to you when you get upset, they kiss you goodnight when Daddy puts you to bed, and they are super excited to see you when they get home from school. Lewis already gives you pep-talks about having Clubfeet.

You boys and your Daddy mean the world to me.

Thank you for being such a sweet baby.

Thank you for smiling a lot, because sometimes my heart really needs it.

Thank you for making us a family of 6 and completing our “little” family.


I love you Biscuit!

Happy Birthday Miles!







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